Severe Weather Policy & Warning System

City of Alpharetta Policy and Procedures

Updated Monday September 14, 2015 by Alpharetta Youth Softball Association (AYSA).

ARPD’s Severe Weather Guidelines and Procedures were established to protect all park patrons (participants, officials, employees, and the general public) from the dangers of storms and hazardous weather conditions. Certain weather conditions can pose risk but proper planning assures that potential severe weather situations are handled appropriately. 


Education and effective communication of severe weather procedures are critical to ensuring the safety of everyone at risk. Park patrons should be aware of and adhere to safety practices and guidelines established by ARPD. Information on ARPD’s lightning detection system is posted in various locations in the parks. 


Some of the most common severe weather conditions are: 

• Thunderstorms and Lightning storms 

• Tornados – watches and warnings 

• Hot Weather – risks of dehydration, heat exhaustion or heat strokes, sunburns 

• Cold Weather - hypothermia 


THUNDERSTORMS, LIGHTNING STORMS, AND TORNADOS: During certain times of the year, thunderstorms, lightning storms and tornados pose a frequent threat in Georgia. Recognizing the danger and knowing what to do and where to go for safe shelter can protect lives. The City of Alpharetta has two warning systems in place to alert park patrons of the threat of thunderstorms, lightning storms, and tornados: ARPD Lightning Detection System and City of Alpharetta Emergency Warning System.


 Procedures to follow when a severe weather alert siren sounds: 

1. Clear the area (field, rink, pool, playground, trail, picnic pavilion, etc.) immediately. 

2. Seek shelter in a building or in a vehicle. 

3. Stay sheltered and do not resume activities until the “All-Clear” alarm has sounded and strobe light returns to Green). 

ARPD Severe Weather Policy and Procedures updated March 2014.pdf
Lightning Detection System Legend.pdf

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